Band To Check Out: BLAJK - 'Lethal' (Single)

Photo credit: Jeffrey Ayres
Toronto indie pop outfit BLAJK unveil 'Lethal' new single, taken from forthcoming debut EP.
Lead by a measured bass drum rhythm,  'Lethal' is slick, slinking, brooding indie pop that sees BLAJK getting stronger with every impressive release.

 BLAJK set a slow-tempo, seductive. backdrop of funky arrangements and quivering synth that is equally as seductive as it is foreboding. Jordan Radics' deep, rich, soulful vocals are as potent as the to and fro's of a toxic relationship the song is cleverly themed around, as the band explains;

"'Lethal' is a song about a tarnished yet lustful relationship that has kept you going back and forth over time. Constantly yearning for the person while fully aware that reconnecting only leads to trouble and unhappiness. It’s about indulging in the guilty pleasure that is this person and living with the consequences."
Words of Karla Harris

BLAJK are; Jordan Radics­ (vocals), Brent Gordon­ (guitar), Thomas Conrad­ (bass/keys), Raymond McTaggart­ (drums).