Artist To Check Out: SIGHT - 'Bombay' (Single)

SIGHT brings a taste of Mumbai Slums in new single, 'Bombay' the second track taken from his upcoming new album, 'Monsoon'.
Aptly named, SIGHT is the project of UK based field recordist and producer  Dan Smith who crafts recordings taken from the sounds of moments he witnesses from all around the world. 'Bombay' was recorded from the sounds of  the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai's hand washing slum and largest facility of its kind in the world and is a completely fascinating cultural soundbite.

The track features vocals chopped from the slums inhabitants, washing sounds, tablas & the cities metro and SIGHT explains his process as, "entwining field recordings recorded from every corner of the globe and then sampling, re-processing & arranging them into a beautifully polished works that emanate foreign worlds."

What immediately caught my attention was the delicate attention to detail and the sheer brilliance that sees SIGHT taking ordinary real life experiences that are oftene ignored and instead making them extraordinary.

Words of Karla Harris

To grab a copy of  'Bombay' and pre-order 'Monsoon', head over to SIGHT's bandcamp page: