Artist To Check Out: Maria Kelly - 'Black and Blue' (acoustic)

Maria Kelly follows up her debut single, 'Before It Has Begun' with tender new offering, 'Black and Blue' available in original and acoustic form out now via Veta Records.Vulnerable and delicate yet full of life and loveliness, Maria Kelly's acoustic version of 'Black and Blue' has a balmy quality to it where each note sung, each chord struck, and each vividly painted lyric emit a breathtaking radiance, dazzling in their very own splendor.  

'Black and Blue' looks at love from a beautifully bittersweet, foolishly optimistic viewpoint, where the song's protagonist keeps naively giving the benefit of the doubt and waiting for someone that is never quite present.  Forging herself as a stunning lyricist and a breathtaking artist, Maria Kelly is bringing something really special to the alt folk scene.

Words of Karla Harris