Artist To Check Out: Janey Quinn - 'Game of Sins' (Single)

Indie artist Janey Quinn unveils 'Game Of Sins', the 4th track taken from her debut EP 'Wasted Love' out now.
19 year old Vietnamese musician Janey Quinn is somewhat of a breath of fresh air with a completely DIY and self taught approach to her music that sees her write, record and produce her own unique sound.

'Game of Sin's' is just one remarkable example of what this artist is capable of.  Wearing her influences on her sleeve, the track begins full of suspense with spaghetti western meets film noir production - a dark and edgey backdrop to her smoking, challenging vocals as they leave bravado-fueled scorch marks in the ego of a love interest.

Speeaking on the current indie music scene in Vietnam, Janey states: "Coming from Vietnam - a country in which indie music is underrated and most artists need to be signed to major labels to survive in the industry, I want to send out a message. I want to prove that the beauty of music-making is not exclusive to those with a high budget, and the talent of artists does not depend on how mainstream music labels think of them."

Janey Quinn is fearless, and so she should be. She's great.

Words of Karla Harris

"'Wasted Love' is a cohesive album about different shades of love, in which each track tells a story and represents a specific state of mind. The EP is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Amazon, Spotify and other platforms.'"