Artist To Check Out: Delaire - 'Hey You' (Single)

Delaire streams new single 'Hey You' ahead of official release date, 15th July. 
London-based singer songwriter Delaire has tentatively yet assuredly spent the past year getting her name out there off the back of her electro pop tracks and is gaining notoriety for good reason - she's excellent. 

New release, 'Hey You', is an upbeat dose of electronic pop with touches of playful, shimmering 80s synthwork and an idiosyncratic sonic structure both layered in light and dark electronic tones. Delaire's beautiful vocal range keeps a playful bounce to it and suave keys add a sophistication as Delaire  makes light of a very common human theme, - a "can't live with you can't live without you relationship" as Delaire explains, "is about the feeling of only being complete with that one person by your side.”

Words of Karla Harris