Artist To Check Out:: AXELRØD - 'Black Cloud' (Single)

London-based songwriter and producer AXELRØD mixes elements of dark Nordic pop with his own haunting electronic soundscape.
Billowing in like the black cloud of his track name is AXELRØD, an artist who is giving away very little about himself, shrouded in relative secrecy, storing just one track on his Soundcloud page - but luckily it's a good one.

'Black Cloud' is  bleak, regenerative, electro pop with gripping yet minimal soundscapes, immediately captivating but gets better with each play. Juggling nordic, low--key battle cry synths and live instrumentation (piano in particular) the soundscape supports the themes of growth and acceptance, seeing the beauty through the darkness, although obviously open to interpretation. For me, the black cloud signifies a depression or turmoil that teaches you to be better, to become stronger, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, to be reborn and see life from a brand new perspective.

'Black Cloud' has been simmering on AXELRØD's Soundcloud back burner for a year, so we have our fingers crossed for new material from a very promising and intriguing artist very soon.

Words of Karla Harris