The Video Explained: Naiswan - 'Orion Shake'

Who: Naiswan is pronounced “nice one.” They are a band of five best friends that have been creating music together for six years. They are; Sarah Badiee (bass/synth), Jesse Broman (drums, percussion), Kyle Firlik (keys, guitar,vocals), Matt Naughton (guitar, saxophone), Sarah Owens (electric cello, vocals).

About The Track: 'Orion Shake' is the band's debut single and features smoky female vocals and highlights tenor saxophone blended with dance chords. It is dancy, dubby, catchy and fun.

'Orion Shake' is one of five songs to feature on Naiswan's debut EP, scheduled to drop on July8th,2016.

The Video Explained:
"Entirely self-produced and shot on green screen in one day, the 'Orion Shake' music video takes the viewer into a 90’s style video game in which the title character, Orion, is a robot who wants to express the human qualities behind his mechanical shell. There is a unique marriage of digitalization and humanization, where the band members become characters in the video game, and Orion takes on human-like qualities.

Using stop motion graphics, key frame animation, and late 80’s/early 90’s glitch-style effects, band member and editor, Kyle Firlik, gave the song context and the video game 'Orion Shake' was created. According to Firlik, 'Orion Shake’ provides a subtle yet visual social commentary with regards to the importance of technology’s role empowering the human - the man or woman behind the machine. The idea that behind all mundane technological tasks and unfamiliar advancements, lie the infinitely unique characteristics of a human worker, dreamer, or dancer. It’s the purpose behind the action, without which, the things we’ve seen could never have been. The minds of people, breaking away from the norm - creating the future by way of the nostalgic past.”