The Duo Explains: Feral Love - 'Like The Wind' (Video)

Liverpool duo Feral Love is the project of Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford.

About The Track:  'Like the Wind'  is Feral Love's debut single and is out now.
A mandatory listen for any electro-pop fan,  'Like The Wind' strikes like a firebolt, with smouldering, layered vocals and synth lines bathed in a dreamy, retro glow.

Feral Love Explains:
"The concept of the video came from a single photo of a person clutching their chest with black ink coming from their heart. This one image spoke volumes to us about a social situation that all of us at one time or another have found ourselves in i.e trying to put on a brave face in front of others when inside, for whatever reason we are hurting, grieving, experiencing heartache, or suffering some sort of acute anxiety or mental anguish.

Wanting to move the image on into video form we wished to show how we as people are often trapped within the confines of ourselves, how we try to control our emotions and when feeling at our lowest ebb can suffer the inability to physically voice our feelings to those around us.

The video shows how often and without knowing, we are all suffering some sort of simultaneous hidden pain, which is why we wanted to keep the faces obscured, to show we are all the same under the skin. We wanted to portray the stripping back of the emotions in the video in order to see the metaphorical blood seeping through in order to expose the real person behind the mask.

We asked some very close friends of ours to appear in the video and requested for them to get in to a specific headspace in order to perform. This process was cathartic for the actors involved and all walls of social constraints came down as vulnerability was exposed.

The progression throughout the video of the artists being initially still and trapped in their emotional confines to eventually being allowed to move freely and express themselves, is analogous to the freedom and liberation a person feels when they actually begin to let go. The video also is to show how beautiful and profound that moment can be, especially when those emotions are exposed and we find we are not as alone as we thought we were and there is someone else, or many others mirroring  that self-same feeling too."