The Director Explains: Gundelach - 'Fjernsynet' (Video)

Director Paul Tunge speaks to us about the ideas behind Gundelach's music video 'Fjernsynet', starring a well-known Norwegian fitness model and her child.

Who: Norwegian artist Gundelach is based in Oslo.

About The Track: Co-produced by Joel Ford and mixed by Al Carlson, 'Fjernsynet' (Norwegian for "television set") is taken from Gundelach's debut, self-titled EP out now.

Gunderlach's smooth falsetto is delivered over a repetitive driving rhythm as the track sets a lusterless scene of brooding nostalgia. As the gloom is interrupted by vivid bursts of unique analog-electronic production, it's hard to feel anything other than electrified by such a distinctive artist.

The Director Explains:
"For me Gundelach and Gundelach's song represent some sort of Scandinavian melancholia. I've spent a lot of time on the "explore" function on Instagram, and when Gundelach approached me for doing a video I had just started exploring these tanned über fit both very young and mid ages women posing with crazy body and muscles. Often highly sexual.

Now its just the norm.

So I thought I would explore this together with Janne and her child. Trying to find the melancholic in the subtle between a women focusing more on her own body then here newborn. I arranged it as sort of a fictional documentary so she also would feel comfortable about it. Since part of it is so close to here real life, she was actually very sporty being a part of it together with her own family in her own house.  I think the whole theme of the video felt original and  an exciting contrast to the music."

Forthcoming live dates:
June 25-27 // Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival
August 9-13 // Øya Festival, Oslo