The Band Explains: The Jezabels - 'My Love Is A Disease' (Video)

Photo credit: Cybele Malinowski
The Jezabels speak to us about their music video and single, 'My Love Is A Disease'  and you can catch the video, which features a panicked commuter tracked through the streets of Tokyo by a rabid attacker - who is played by Kenichi Ito, the fastest man in the world on four limbs.

Who:  Formed in Sydney, Australia, The Jezabels are an alternative four-piece consisting of Nik Kaloper (drums) Samuel Lockwood  (guitars), Hayley Mary - (vocals), Heather Shannon - (keys)

About The Track: ‘My Love Is My Disease’ is the latest single to be taken from The Jezabels recently released and highly acclaimed third album, 'Synthia'.

This a chilling rock opera with driving industrial synths and gothic vocals. The track's arrangements and vocals are so vivid that the intensity acts as an adrenaline, seeing The Jezabels become their listeners drug of choice.

The Band Explains:
“ 'My Love Is A Disease' is about de-stigmatising illness I think, particularly mental illness, but physical too. I guess it can be such a burden for people when they feel alone in it. Maybe the hyperbolic tone of the song is a little bit of an attempt to be a bit self satirical and bring a lightness to the topic of illness, because sometimes owning your ailments, and laughing a little at yourself and the incredible tragicomedy of life helps you get through it I suppose.” - Hayley Mary