The Artist Explains: Terra Lightfoot - 'Never Will' (Video)

Photo Credit: Lisa Macintosh
We speak to Terra Lightfoot about her live performance visuals for single, 'Never Will'.

Who: Terra Lightfoot is a singer songwriter and guitarist  hailing from Hamilton, Canada.

About The Track: 'Never Will' was relased May 6th on Sonic Unyon Records and is taken from Terra Lightfoot's forthcoming album 'Every Time My Mind Runs Wild'.

Expect raw powerful vocals, expert finger picking and distorted, hook-heavy, rock-meets-blues melodies.

Terra Lightfoot  Explains:
Which locations were used in the filming of 'Never Will'?
Mills Hardware, a cultural space on the ground floor of a building of artists' flats. It's named after a hardware store that opened there 100 years ago... in the past it has been a tavern, then a strip club. So it's a place full of Hamilton memories.

How does the video compliment the song?
I think as a band we are very much built on what we do live — so this video, as our first one, was meant to highlight us simply playing on a stage. It's definitely supposed to capture us in our natural element. Maybe a bit like an Attenborough special on the BBC. Probably not. But definitely us in our habitat.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Well I was really uncomfortable being on camera at the time, and I wanted to have my best friend Mallorie around at the shoot... as the date got closer I asked her sisters Hilary and Emily if they would want to come and pretend to sing backups, and they happily agreed. Christopher had them squatting super low to the ground around me.They showed up wearing black, and they truly do look similar... I don't think director Christopher Mills quite knew what to do with them at first, but we ended up having them squat around me and then pop up to sing the "oo la las"... it was the funniest because they aren't generally singers and we basically laughed for two hours.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Well, Christopher Mills was the mastermind behind the textures and colours and....layers of things. He's such a genius — he has a really cool mind.

What is the mood the video is trying to convey?
I think it's a party song. And the fast cuts really add to that — you kind of feel rushed, like you don't have time to enjoy it. But that's sort of like the tune as well.