The Artist Explains: The Orange Kyte - 'Inside Out n' Upside Down' (Video)

The Orange Kyte is the experimental music project of  Vancouver's Stevie Moon boots and a revolving cast of collaborators and cohorts, musical and otherwise. We speak to the artist himself about the ideas behind his music video for 'Inside Out n' Upside Down' which features a 1931 animation called 'Bimbo's Initiation'.

About The Track: Inside Out n' Upside Down' was released in May and  is the 5th installment of The Orange Kyte's 2016's 'single-a-month series'. This is lo-fi, psychedelic,  indie rock.

The Band ExplainsWhere is the animation in the video from?
It is an animation called 'Bimbo's Initiation', produced in 1931 by Fleischer Studios in New York.

How does the video compliment the song?
In the video, the lead character, Bimbo is kidnapped by robed figures who try to persuade him to join their secret society. When he refuses, the consequences are severe. Poor Bimbo is thrown into a series of torture devices and has to escape all kinds of surreal and scary violence until he is forced to submit to his fate.
I chose this visual for its dark, metaphysical undertones of Illuminati and Freemasonry and all that good old secret society gobbledygook.
I drew the parallel between the movie and the 'Inside Out n' Upside Down' because on the surface, the song is a fun, pop song. But lyrically it is about a subculture kicking against a power hungry brainwashing oppressor. Albeit with a spring in its step and a tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used in the video?
The theme of Illuminati and Freemason initiation is rife throughout the animation. Heavy with occult symbolism, Bimbo's Initiation is considered to be a PSYOP. A brainwashing tool utilizing hidden messages. At the end of the terrible ordeal Bimbo endures, it is revealed that all the characters he had been trying to escape were his savior, none other than Betty Boop! He accepts the invitation and they rejoice in celebration. Subtle.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I imagine it was something akin to "come over to the dark side" punks!!! But to me personally I can substitute Freemasonry for capitalism and consumerist culture trying to batter each of us into submission with advertising and fear-based tactics. But hey, that's just me. And in general I just think it looks ace and syncs up with the track nicely. I just have a fascination with all that old-school brainwashing stuff, Illuminati and MKULTRA, 1984 etc.

Interview feature by Karla Harris