The Artist Explains: M. Maggie - 'Did It For u' (Video)

Who: M. Maggie is a poet, artist and musician based in NYC.

About The Track: 'Did It For U' is produced by Lucian and is a steamy mix of  enticing vocals, neo soul, rnb, and naunced electronics.

The Artist Explains:
Where was the video filmed?
'Did it For U' was filmed in a studio in Connecticut right outside NYC. This was my first project working with DreamBear Productions, Evan Brown, who linked me with the amazing Director Charles Nordeen and Visual Artist Leo Nguyen. We were blessed to find a space with so much natural light and captured it all on RED that was generously lent by a friend of Charles. It was very serendipitous and they said my energy while filming shifted the focus from more imagery and illusion to the raw emotion coming straight from myself; my heart.

How does the video compliment the song?
In the beginning and end you see the time stamps, it makes it very raw and this song has such a spitfire flow in the verses that really speaks true to the questions we ask ourselves or the problems we face in relationships. 'Did it for U' lives in the moment we release ourselves to fait and selflessness. It remind us that there is black and white, "Lord knows we'll never be saints", and burst of color, "On with me in the game." You can make it something beautiful, but you have to do just that. Accept the pain with the pleasure, because its all a part of the spectrum that is loving someone.

Any behind the scenes stories?
We shot this in a day so we really had to get enough shots with the natural light as possible. I sang through every take out loud and I think the Charles and the crew was really impressed by my work ethic and on screen energy. Im sure any directors biggest fear is that when it comes time to shoot, the artist needs to be present, open and available to the audience aka don't look awkward. I went to acting school and really love the craft of acting on screen, and they were happy that I kept giving them more and taking direction like the champ. On a funny note, They also painted me green in key spots to replace later via green screen. That was so fun but after we wrapped, I went to wash off the paint and it stained my body this green-yellow hue. I had to take a train into Grand Central and then subway back to my home in the city definitely getting looks from everyone.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Leo and Charles sent me a whole story board of these fractal images that they wanted to create. The clouds signifying that the sky is not totally clear and tears, broken hearts, peace signs, even bold feminine features give depth to whats unfolding. Seeing me in layers shows that there are multiple sides and angles to our thoughts and actions.
Also, the mouths moving, drawing attention to the words "I did it for U" and the third eye signifying an overall understanding or knowledge of the bigger picture. Look close, Leo put some beautiful details in there.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
'Did it for U' speaks through relationship issues, underlining the chorus with the need to have faith and belief in each other in order to move forward with confidence and trust. "we'll never be saints, on with me in the game--" Saying, for better or for worse, be there for each other. "Try for me!" Its such an important part of a relationship, the willingness to work for it.

Interview feature by Karla Harris