Single: The Palms - 'Stupid LA Love Song'

LA duo, The Palms bring the heat with sweltering single, 'Stupid LA Love Song'.
Pulling from a wealth of influences, The Palms bring a genre-fusion of indie, electronic, pop and alternative that is instantly likeable. 

Nostalgic, weathered vocals that bridge the gap between bluesy folk and indie, surf an easy-going , percussive-led wave of rhythmic beats.  'Stupid LA Love Song' is a contagious track that seems to not only combine genres but cultural sounds,with desert-psych guitar riffs, sounds of the tropics, and even something slightly oriental in its synths.

This is a whimsical. wonderful and wholly unique track that see The Palms flurry in like a well-needed summer breeze.

Words of Karla Harris