Single: ODA - 'Robot Love'

Sometimes the debilitating nature of love and longing can make us less human. Fear of hurt forces us to become desensitised, to compartmentalise, to rationalise, to become robotic. 

'Robot Love'  is the follow up single to ODA's debut, 'So High' and is a delectable dose of electronic pop showing a much fuller sound than its predecessor.  Supported by the spectacular, inventive, production of MAYE, ODA's hazy, irresistible vocals are carried on waves of skittering R&B infused-synths and haphazard percussive beats. 
Stemming from the idea of looking at love in a robot-like form, "This is, this is, this is... what I know, what I know" croons ODA alongside a metronomic ticking which acts as a countdown to the warm upsurge of beats due to drop as her effected vocals state, 'We're just robots. Programmed to feel like this".

On the track, ODA Eplains:
”I wrote the lyrics for ”Robot Love” many years ago, when my heart was much younger. This song always felt very personal and strong to me. I was ecstatic when my producer and I finally figured out how to do this track and I feel very passionate about the outcome”

What inspired me to write it was living far away from someone I really cared about. It was written as a way to deal with the distance and loneliness living in a small town. I wanted to explain love as just a biochemical reaction, something robot-like. So it would be easier not to get hurt”

With a  polished pop sound as solid as this, could ODA be Norway's  next answer to Ellie Goulding? Watch this space.

Words of Karla Harris

'Robot Love' is out now and is also available to stream via Spotify and Tidal.


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