Single: The Gifted - 'You Should've Known By Now' (featuring Jamie Jackson)

'You Should’ve Known By Now ' sees The Gifted team up with Jamie Jackson of Hot As Sun  to release their most energetic track to date.

I've spoken many times about the importance of  creating a track that hooks its listener in as quickly as possible. Or at least, for genres that play around with pop and its similar counterparts. Most people make up their mind within the crucial first few seconds whether they are listening to a track they want to hear more of. Especially if they are flicking through radio stations in the car, or deciding which tracks to blog or playlist.

Los Angeles production duo The Gifted (Louis Castle and James Bairian) and Jamie Jackson have got the intro down to 'You Should've Known By Now', creating a gripping sound before the track even reaches the one second mark,  then quickly unfolding into a a frenzied mash up of haunting and mysterious indie, pop and electronic.

Alongside the stellar production are the engrossing, antipathetic male/female vocal dynamics that are all-consuming and regimental in repetition of the same  judgemental, disappointed mantra ,"you should've known who I was, you should know by now".

This is a rare kind of track that sees itself both radio friendly and waving a flag of identity and independence that sees it stand out from the crowd.

Words of Karla Harris