Artist To Check Out: Bryce Fox - 'Voodoo' / 'Horns' / 'Burn Fast' (Singles)

LA based singer-songwriter Bryce Fox has been admirably rising the ranks of artists to watch out for this year off the back of his first two tracks; 'Burn Fast', an anthemic radio-ready pop track debuting his soulful vocals with a unique country twang and industrial electronic aspects of production and the inventive, 'Horn's' which exudes rock n roll coolness balanced against spine-tingling soulful hip hop.

Bryce Fox is the type of artist who has skilfully positioned himself across the line where genres overlap to create his multifaceted pop sound. New single 'Voodoo' sees a sassy, carefree side to the artist. This is a tempting track led by funk-laden guitar lines, where the industrial aspects of 'Burn Fast' and 'Horns' peer through once more as the common thread. It feels a lot like Bryce Fox has let his hair down and  in turn, we challenge you not to go a little crazy alongside the groove.

Words of Karla Harris


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