Single: BANNERS - 'Half Light'

There's an extremely subjective narrative to BANNERS music. It challenges its listener to process whatever guise of emotion they feel individually and in turn, seeps an evocative awareness that is at once both universally and personally relatable.  

The powerful fluttering of  piano notes that lead BANNERS shredded, gravelly vocals through his magnificent new single, 'Half Light' mean that yes, this is another emotional affair, but not self deprecating or dejected one. There is truth and beauty in the aching urgency of BANNERS cinematic arrangements and lyrical themes as the persona calls out their love interest for living a half life, only showing half of themselves, and not always like the half that they see, wanting to connect deeper, asking the poignant question "what possesses you?".

With each new release BANNERS sheds an emotional skin, leaving it behind for his listener to curl up in and contemplate. It's no wonder that he has sold out headline shows in New York, London and Toronto, conquering countries with a grand and delicate sound that definitely cannot be shaken off.

Words of Karla Harris

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