Issues - Live @ Koko w/ Hactivist & Astroid Boys 25/05/2016

Issues @ Koko
Issues have been around since late 2012, so when their latest album, 'Headspace' came out on the 20th May this year via Rise Records, what better way to celebrate with a packed out show at London's famous Koko in Camden.

Astroid Boys open up to an already busy venue, and you can feel it in their energy. With some of their own fans in the crowd, a circle pit forms early, kicking the venue off into a mini riot with their mix up of metal and hip hop. Hacktivist soon follow after them, rising their game to match what the crowd just experienced with Astroid Boys, invading every space on the stage to prove to us why it belongs to them.

Both these bands could of headlined this venue tonight, their energy and the crowds response alone would be enough to understand why. However Issues hit the stage and shows us why their name is at the top of that poster for tonight. The crowd screams as they take to the stage, smashing into a mass sing along. The connection between Tyler Carter and and Michael Bohn is amazing, like two brothers in arms, with each of them taking it in turns to tease the crowd with their vocal abilities, stepping back when needed to let the other bloom. It was almost as if there was a mental note between the two of them that went “It's okay, you can take this one”.

With confetti guns and enough high pitched screaming to destroy your ears for a week, the evening comes to a close, where the guys in Issues can tick that one off their list and consider Camden's Koko won!

Words & Photography of Ant Adams

Issues @ Koko 25/05/2016

Hacktivist Live @ Koko 25/05/2016

Astroid Boys
Astroid Boys Live @ Koko 25/05/2016