Introducing: Elder Flower - 'Capital Letters' (Single)

Swedish synth pop outift Elder Flower stream new single 'Capital Letters'.
Currently based in Arvika, Sweden, Elder Flower are a band who met at music university, have an affinity for jazz music, but also have a lovely vision to play music that makes feet move and stages shake and that's exactly what new single 'Capital Letters' does.This is a bubbly, nostalgic track with soaring vocals and a soundscape that alternates between edgey and groove-based to warm and romantic.

There's a poetic beauty and bare boned, bittersweet, honesty to Elder Flower, in and outside of their music and while we don't usually share press releases, this one is too lovely not to.

"Just like letters, composed by fragments building sentences and meaning, 'Capital Letters' came to be. Relations, in a way, are kind of the same: fragments and pieces of another person that’ll try to paint you the whole picture. Constant in motion, constantly evolving.
Still, there’s an inevitable end to it.
A synth riff in a studio in Stockholm. A letter in Uppsala. The stillness in Arvika.
As time she hides future tests, my hands searched restlessly for something to grab on to. Piece by piece I transcribed my fear of being alone and put it in a song, trying to figure out how it would feel to be this blank canvas.
How it feels to know you’ll have to leave many years of resolute love behind.
How I was hollow and ready to be filled with anything before I met you.
How I’m as hollow as before and that nothing has changed - there’s still an end.
But there’s also some meaning in the distance between now and then. Pieces and fragments that I kept and that I’ll treasure until the inevitable end."

Article by Karla Harris