Band To Check Out: Digital Order - 'Sons of the Odyssey (Single)

Australian electronic rock outfit Digital Order release perilous new track, Sons of the Odyssey'.
'Sons of the Odyssey' runs on high voltage enthusiasm. With driving synths, loud drums and violent guitars, Digital Order fuse modern dance music and classic hard rock in an electrifying way not unlike 30 Seconds To Mars or The Prodigy.

Intense and energetic, 'Sons of the Odyssey' keeps its listener thoroughly engaged from the moment the noise kicks in with its immersive electronic rock arrangements.  If  you are new to the band, there's also a really interesting surprise from passionate lead vocalist, Shane Ariti who starts off in a gruff rock tone before dabbling with completely fascinating, classic rock, theatrical, scream-singing which put a smile on my face every time I listen.

‘Sons of the Odyssey’ is the second instalment and title track taken from the band's upcoming album which sees lyrics inspired by Homer’s ‘The Odyssey'.

Words of Karla Harris

Digital Order are: Shane Ariti (Vocals), Will Cruz (Keys/ Guitar), Henry Gunson (Drums) and Andy
Beerli (Guitar).