Introducing: Highland Kites - 'This War Inside' (Single)

LA-based duo Highland Kites release new single 'This War Inside' taken from their forthcoming EP, 'Let Me Run'.
There's a sense of oppression in the dominant drum rhythm that carries its listener through, 'This War' Inside'. Urgent guitar notes twinkle in warning, and shimmering keys try to fight the dark and agitated arrangements of the track, which sees influences being pulled from the new wave era.

As lead singer Marrisa Lamar sing speaks her story with a discordant attitude, I am reminded of 80s synthpop stylings. While the soundscape is engaging and important, it is the haunting delivery of lyrics, showing a person in conflict with themselves but reaching for optimism, that really resonates.

"Running back towards the light, I was lost in my mind, locked in a cage of my own design.
I could stop this war inside if only I could pick a side,as darkness wages its war tonight,
I'll run towards the light."

'This War Inside' is a dark and personal journey of self discovery with its heart set on reaching hope on the horizon.

Words of Karla Harris

'This War Inside' is taken from the duo's upcoming EP 'Let Me Run', produced by Raymond Richards and set for release late July.