Free Download: The Swoons - 'Sabre' (Single)

The Swoons offer up sophisticated EDM/Pop track 'Sabre' as a free download. 
Electronic duo 'The Swoons'  partner up with producer DeafKulture to deliver a rich, romanticised soundscape and sincere vocals on this subtly progressive, electronic pop track.  A lot of thoughtful emotion has been poured into the organic and electronic layers here, but in a restrained kind of way. It sonically combines dreamy wistfulness and pure-hearted integrity so solidly, that its listener believes wholeheartedly in the melodies, the driving chorus, and the catchy hooks that keeps the listener wanting more.

"Lyrically the song speaks of someone who is recovering from multiple heartbreaks, they've been 'cut deep' and that despite repeatedly being hurt by these knives the other character offers a blade (sabre) that will not cause pain but love and thus through this metaphor offers a 'final dance with danger'.

'Sabre' is part of a release via independent Label ‘Rudeboy Music’ based in New York City and is available for free download via The Swoons Soundcloud page.

Words of Karla Harris