Free download: SOUR MANDY - 'Maze' (Single)

Where did this come from? I need more of it!
Leeds is the answer to that question. I would happily travel to Leeds to catch SOUR MANDY live at a local show. Coming from a South-East Londoner who winces at the thought of crossing the river for Lakeside, that is high praise indeed.

Guitarists Leach and Fox have crafted an incredibly lush soundscape, amazing use of the instrument's range, paired expertly with echoes and drive. The rousing, building intro  to 'Maze' sets the tone perfectly for this song, can't wait to hear and see more.

While writing this review, I stepped away from the desk and realised I was whistling the tune to myself! Great hook, should pass the old grey whistle test with flying colours!

Words of Liam Hinds

Both 'Maze' and SOUR MANDY'S newest single, 'Fires', are currently available on a download for free / pay what you want basis via bandcamp.