Free Download: Sero[Tone]in- 'Spaghetti Girl' (feat. Phomey) (Single)

Sero[Tone]in streams new single 'Spaghetti Girl' (feat Phomey) as a free download. 
Slick, trickling electronics set an apprehensive yet ambient, urban, city-life backdrop to Sero[Tone]in feat. Phomey's 'Spaghetti Girl'. Interweaving funky guitar lines and gloomy male vocals complete the backdrop to Phomey's sultry vocals spitting venom at a certain type of love interest,  making it clear this isn't just another unrequited love song.

In Phomey's own words, the track is about, "the complications of love, and how crazy things can be once you develop feelings for someone"

Words of Karla Harris