Single: Dog Orchestra - 'Hotel'

Swedish duo Dog Orchestra  stream 'Hotel', the second track taken from their forthcoming EP.
A melancholy, dark, synth-pop offering, Dog Orchestra's 'Hotel' dabbles between bleak and desolate to slightly larger, intimate soundscapes reminding me sonically of the love child of The National and IAMX.

 Looking at the darker side of modern day, hedonist,  party lifestyles, 'Hotel'  is a poignant track that shows a clear disdain for the shallow and meaningless social scene of the "guestlist kids" and drink culture. With reference to perhaps someone who might choose that existence over grounded love.

'Hotel' follows on from the elusive duo's previous single 'CLUB fragil' feat Lune's cloying vocals that may briefly trick the listener into thinking the mood is lighter with sweeter, longing vocals. But this too has the same fractured feeling in its lyrics and sad, swelling synths.

Words of Karla Harris