Band To Check Out: Royal Teeth - 'Kids Conspire' (Single)

Photo Credit: Ollie Simon Alexander
Premiering with My Split Milk back in late March, Royal Teeth's  'Kids Conspire' marked the first release from the band in three years and one well worth waiting for.

'Kids Conspire' opens with the crackling of an old vinyl record loop and the strings of a grand piano plucked with a guitar pick, replicating the sound of soaring harp strings. This sets the tone of the track off to a dreamy, enchanting start which continues to build as an acoustic guitar is added to the mix and Nora Patterson's mystique-filled vocals being to travel across childhood themes and nostalgia-ridden lyricism.

Just when you think you've got a foothold on the track, it becomes a multi-directional, multi-sensory, thunderous, indie dance pop anthem, showcasing a safari of different soundscapes and tempos before the track fades out as innocently as it started.

There is a liberating sense of determination here in both the songs structure and its meaning:

"Kids Conspire" is a song about dreams; an uplifting anthem for the struggles encountered along the way. A simple reminder; with a little determination, you can always go out on top."

Royal Teeth's boldness has paid off - their inventive creativity sees the fruition of a track structure that may seem frowned upon in theory, but with their joint talent, sounds absolutely spectacular seeing them too come out on top.

Words of Karla Harris