Band To Check Out: Castle Pines - 'Hollow Cause' (Single)

'Hollow Cause' sees the return of indie-alt rock outfit Castle Pines , after a 2 year hiatus from music releases. 
With driving and abrupt  guitar lines,  'Hollow Cause' sees Castle Pines transport their listener back to the early 90's shoe-gaze and grunge scene. It's intrinsic soundscape poignantly bubbles with anger, and disappointment, whilst searching for hope and idealism and so do the lyrics that support it.

On the track the band says, ". The music is a landscape of shrill and echoing rhythmic patterns that create a “setting-sun” backdrop to a lost generation caught amidst the “in between”. A generation of wandering and scattered lives that met tragedy and heartbreak head on with the chaotic benchmarks of 9/11, Columbine, the Iraq War, the great Recession, and the revolution of the internet and social media. The crescendo of the bands playing is a roller coaster of sound that soars through subtle melody and aggressive exhortation.

Lyrically, 'Hollow Cause' moves between pensive self examination in a narrative that is told through the collective thoughts of the world. The lines “I’m alone in Everything” and “How do you feel” give the, seemingly, insurmountable feelings of apathy and indifference a sense of hope in the bleakness that individuals may face. 'Hollow Cause' is indeed a play on words, recollecting back to the historical events of World War II and the “Holocaust”, the title is a literal juxtaposition scheme between the evils of apartheid and the collective human experience of feeling alone and helpless to do anything. 'Hollow Cause' is a commentary on personal responsibility and the indemnification society partakes in, as a majority, when tragedy and calamity occur."

Castle Pines have a panache for creative relative, mature songwriting and heartfelt arrangements driven by intuition. Theyt stay true to the genres their sound is born  from, but remain current and in the present.

Words of Karla Harris