Artist To Check Out: Rosie Carney - 'Better Man' (Single)

Age is nothing but a number and 19 year old singer/songwriter Rosie Carney brings a worldly confidence and maturity well beyond the stereotype of her years in atmospheric folk offering, 'Better Man'.
 Its immersive intro peaks all the senses like watching the sun set over a crystal clear lake, before delicate guitar strums and her gorgeous vocals kick in with a shrewdness and beauty that lulls its listener into tender stillness.

Rosie Carney knows how to dominate a song and take control of her listener with an ease and grace which also leaves her exposed in its wake, moving her audience with a soulful, vulnerable whisper, placing her sound solidly somewhere between Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones.

Words of Karla Harris
'Better Man' is out now on X Novo