Artist To Check Out: Charlotte Cardin - 'Faufile'

French-Canadian singer Charlotte Cardin stuns with new single, 'Faufile'.
It says a lot about an artist who can take minimal arrangements and simultaneously fill the emptiness with sophisticated emotion and that's exactly what Charlotte Cardin does. Accompanied by tender and somewhat saddened piano, 'Faufile' sees Cardin's sincere vocals take incredible flight telling a deeply-felt tale, that regardless of  possible language barriers, makes its listener feel an array of emotions piquing interest from the get-go.

'Faufile' is taken from Charlotte Cardin's debut EP  'Big Boy' and shows a slightly different direction to previous tracks; the seductive and soulful R&B electronic track, 'Like It Doesn't Hurt' (feat. Husser) and  smooth r&b meets jazz, 'Big Boy'  seeing an artist experimenting with a bygone era whilst simultaneously remaining in the present with her sound.

Words of Karla Harris