The Band Explains: Sans Parents - 'Can't Stop Moving' (Video)

Who: Brisbane-based indie-rock gurus Sans Parents are Kane Mazlin, Alex Bennison, Ryan Strathie & Charles Sale.

About The Track: ‘Can’t Stop Moving’ touches on classic, vintage pop in its powerful sing-along choruses but remains relevant and exciting in its versatile instrumentation. This is 70’s inspired power-pop / new wave.

The Band Explains:
Which locations were used in the filming of 'Can't Stop Moving'?
We shot the video all around Brisbane in one day.

How did you come up with the storyline for the video?
We started off by using the Michael Douglas film ‘Falling Down’ as a reference point for the look of the shots we were after and the actor we used. We knew story wise - that we wanted to cover themes of escaping a monotonous daily grind and rebirth. The actual story itself is probably more loosely based on the films Terminator 2 & Office Space - both movies are about changing your life & time - past, present & future.

Could you tell us a bit more  about the themes/ideas/imagery used in the making of the video?
The end of the video is supposed to represent a rebirth of sorts - with the lead actor being some kind of whacky magical time traveller who saves a newborn version of himself and returns himself to his mother to start again - (all in a very ridiculous way - haha!) - before disappearing into the night.
We wanted to start off by letting the viewer see the lead in a boring office environment and develop the character over the video - to show this magical, spiritual, time-traveling, detective type - that you can’t quite figure out.
Imagery wise - we tried to use a bunch of shots - that helped detach the lead from the rest of the world - walking along a highway, walking through back streets, etc..
We also used shots of meditation as a way of conveying the idea of the guy being - on another level - spiritual, magical, etc..

How does the video relate to the song?
The song itself touches on the theme of breaking away from the mould. Although the film clip works its way through a separate story line there's subtle references to escapism, so the lyrical content ended up working quite nicely with the shots.

What do you hope the viewer takes away from watching the video?
We just hope that they get think it’s funny and weird. Also - it’d be cool if a tiny bit of the themes and imagery made sense to them - haha!

Interview feature by Karla Harris