The Band Explains: Nahko and Medicine For The People - 'Make a Change' ( ft. Zella Day)

Who: Nahko and Medicine For The People are an American outfit based in Portland, Oregon.

About The Track:
'Make a Change' features American Singer-songwriter Zella Day and is taken from Nahko and Medicine For The People's upcoming album 'HOKA', due out June 10th through SideOneDummy Records and currently available for pre-order at

The track is an inspired and creative mix of spoken word, funk, alternative and rock. Zella Day's unique vocals add a a sweet and sharp determination to accompany both Nahko's formidable tone and the expressive instrumentation as they embark on the most sincerest of quests for change.

Nahko Explains:"'Make a Change' is about taking a hard look at yourself and turning things around. It's a bit of social commentary in alignment with Ghandi's 'be the change you want to see in the world', as well. I wrote the song at a time that I was forced to look at myself outside of myself to see I was standing in my own way. It's a reflective testament to self that if I make it out alive, my purpose will shine through. I was so frustrated with people that talk about changing things in the world, but were unable to evolve in themselves enough to truly make that change. I could see that in myself, as well, thus the inspiration to write the song. Zella Day came up to my house in Topanga Canyon one afternoon and helped trouble shoot the chorus and it sort of became 'our song' that day as she also understood this message.

With the video, I wanted to create something our fans haven't ever seen before. I wanted it to be raw, in your face, edgy, and maybe even a little unsettling. I wanted the viewer to almost feel a little uncomfortable as I went through different transitions and personas. There were three versions of self I depicted: stripped down to my ego, dressed up as a business man of the world, and an urban warrior. Each verse of the song portrayed the person and then showed the transformation. In the end, I framed in the classic photo of a soldier with the flowers placed inside the barrel of his gun. A juxtaposition, against a flag upside down signaling distress. A clear cry for help. If we don't change ourselves, others, including the planet, suffer. Finally, promoting the work of real social/environmental warrior youth who are living their lives in accordance to this message was my last mission. So, we ended the video with a statement on why the flag is upside down and for further education to check out The Earth Guardian's website. I think the music videos today could be way more powerful if we used them as tools for education, rather than glory and fame. Art, to me, is far more powerful when there is a purpose behind it that feeds the souls of a hungry generation."