The Band Explains: Mako - ''World Set Alight' (Video)

Declan O'Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the rock group Mako.

About The Track:'World Set Alight' is the first single take from Mako's forthcoming second album 'The Runner'.

Edgy alt rock with post punk undertones and an an intriguing Placebo-esque kick in its vocals and lyricism.

Declan O'Shea Explains

Which locations were used in the filming of 'World Set Alight' and how did you put the video together?
I first got the idea for the video after coming back from a tour in Brazil , where Mako toured, there was beautiful graffiti and street art everywhere , so I took pictures and video with my phone (Galaxy s3 at the time) every chance I got, as did Ian our guitarist, when we got back to Ireland and finished World Set Alight the song-we decided to make the video. I decided to use the beautiful images we had collected there; making myself and Christian part of the graffiti for each scene , I did this by taking all the images I liked from the graffiti collection, compiling them in premiere pro and using them to set the scenes. Then I filmed (with my phone) myself and Christian doing our part to the the track against a homemade green screen,then added them to the backgrounds in aftereffects , keyed them out and started to mess with them using various layering techniques in aftereffects until I felt they fitted in with the scene. Then I started to compile them in premier, scene by scene, to match the vibe of the track.

How does the video compliment the song? 
I feel the imagery/video really complements the track as it gives it movement, colour and real striking imagery, altogether making it visually compelling.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Just the awe all of us felt at seeing such beautiful street art everywhere as we traveled in Brazil , such amazing expression and beauty from a truly gifted culture.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
It was quite spontaneous really I let the imagery set the stage for each scene and followed it as artistically as I could at the time, e just letting it flow all the while being conscious of what the theme of the song was about, which is the idea of separation in all its forms that leads to conflict, misunderstanding, fear and a separation from our true selves.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
How we forget at our core we are the same being, the same feeling of aliveness that is in you is the same in me, our identity is not us but created by conditioning and choices we make. And the horror which it can lead to.

Interview feature by Karla Harris