The Band Explains: The Lottery Winners - 'Young Love' (Video)

Who: The Lottery Winners are an indie pop quartet from Lancashire, UK. They are: Thomas Rylance, Robert Lally, Joe Singleton, Katie Lloyd.

About The Track: Delectable guitar-pop with dreamy male/ female vocals, 'Young Love' has a warmth and energy about it that instantly brightens moods.

The Band Explains: "'Young Love' is autobiographical and it’s about what happens when two completely intense, manic-depressive, creative idiots spend too much time together. Following a break up, I found my self in a strange real-life day dream with my first ever love. We spent everyday together, and everything was HD and beautiful and it all looked like a Wes Anderson film. Completely platonic. We used to get into my car and drive to each corner of the country. I had a really nice time, too nice.

We decided that the only logical next step for us was double suicide, and I think we were only half-joking. Well, I’m not 27 yet and I haven’t written a ground-breaking album, so we parted ways and I haven’t seen her since. I still miss her and she will always be one of my closest friends. How is that two people can be so good for each other, yet also so bad?" - Thomas Rylance

Interview feature by Karla Harris

Live dates:
May 29 - Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool
May 29 - The Dover Inn, Wigan
July 8 - Cornbury Music Festival, Oxfordshire
July 23 - Touch Down Festival, Workington
July 24 - Blackthorn Festival, Stockport
July 29 - Kendal Calling, Kendal