The Band Explains: BAILER - 'The Binding' (Video)

Who: Metal/hardcore newcomers BAILER are based in Cork City, Ireland. They are;   Alex O'Leary (vocals),  Chris Harte (guitar), David Cleere (bass) and Paul Cashman (drums).

About The Track:  'The Binding' is taken from the band's debut EP 'Shaped By The Landscape' recorded, mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham of Irish outfit Murdock and out now.

 For fans of  Norma Jean and The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Band Explains: "'The Binding' explores topics that are a constant obstacle for the youth of today. A false sense of entrapment, loss of hope, and disgust with choices laid out to you; all symptoms of modern society. We always have a choice, and we hate to see people accept that their choices have been taken from them. Sometimes you have to get up, and forge your own future. We chose this as a first single because we felt it represented the anger behind 'Shaped By The Landscape' EP as a whole.

Our good mate Rob O'Halloran filmed and edited the video. He is a great up and coming filmmaker and we were able to have a lot of involvement in the editing process as he lives local to us here in Cork City. We chose to shoot the video in a massive warehouse near our rehearsal space. Here we were able to take a negative space and create the look and feel we thought suited the energy of the song. Images of marionettes, stitched up eyes, tangled vines, and of course stag heads are present throughout the song bringing the lyrics to life on screen."