The Band Explains: Asylums - 'Necessay Appliances' (Video)

Who: Asylums are a hyperactive DIY rock band from Southend on Sea that sound a bit like Blur if they had been on Seattle’s Sub Pop Records in the late 80’s. They run their own label ‘Cool Thing Records’ out of a disused attic in the singer’s house. They are Luke Branch, Jazz Miell, Henry Tyler
and Michael Webster.

About The Track 'Necessary Appliances' is taken from Asylums' upcoming debut album 'Killer Brain Waves'. Rollicking guitar-heavy grunge rock with anthemic pop punk vocals.

Asylums Explains: 
“During the election last year I was feeling pretty disenfranchised, I spent a lot of time at home feeling out of sorts. After playing around with the principle riff for ‘Necessary Appliances’ on the piano for a few weeks I started to get a lyrical idea which made some unconscious connections between the consumer appeal of shiny new electronic appliances and the public appeal of political party leaders....and how that appeal soon fades. I’m not really a linear writer so to develop the idea further I started collecting electrical appliance manuals, consumer testimonies and cutting them up with my own poetry. Before long I had the bones of a song which seemed to comment on austerity, the creative arts, community and disposable culture. The band really liked it and we developed the music together in a way that fitted with the tense themes of the song, I don’t think any of us we prepared for the great reaction this song has gotten so far.

Our previous video for ‘Missing Persons’ was really colourful and childlike and for our next one we wanted to do something a bit unexpected. Jazz Miell from Asylums, Kana Waiwaiku our video collaborator and myself spent a few evenings researching, looking at films like Darren Aronofsky 'PI' for a visual style that fitted the themes of the song. Prior to shooting myself and Jazz completely covered the walls of my bedroom with tin foil over a weekend, filled it with broken computers and appliances and created a weird set. Our other visual collaborator the IRON BRAIN also delivered lots of exciting visuals overlays which helped bring the whole thing together. We always have a blast working on the videos for Asylums, it’s just an extension of the music and it’s a great chance to collaborate with our friends” - (Luke Branch: Vocals / Guitar).

Upcoming Shows:
19th May - Alternative Great Escape
4th June - Camden Rocks
9th July - Village Green Festival
10th July - Brownstock
24th July - Tramlines Festival
8th September - Bestival


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