The Artist Explains: Stealth - 'Judgement Day' (Video)

Who: Stealth  is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham.

About The Track: 'Judgement Day' is taken from Stealth’s debut EP 'Intro'.
Stealth's spectacular, brooding vocals burn like embers in a hell-fire pit of hymnal hums as bedevilled arrangements rain down in condemnation.

Stealth Explains: "Judgement Day' is essentially about facing consequences good or bad. The song came at a time for me when I was trying to find exactly what it was I wanted to achieve musically. And this was the direction I wanted to go in, and I wasn't sure whether anyone else would like it apart from me. So it was kind of 'Judgement Day' for me musically. Thankfully I think it paid off.

In regards to how the video came about I always knew I wanted it to be interpretive dance with good and evil battling each other. And thankfully Amy the dancer in the video is a childhood and close family friend so I went to her immediately. Then we got Sam Taylor on board. Who also directed the 'I Don't Need Your Love' video. As soon as we met in a cold Kings Cross station I knew we were on the same wave length. He's very talented and very easy to work with, like any artist I like to have my own concepts and ideas and Sam hears them, tweaks them and brings them to life."  

Interview feature by Karla Harris