The Artist Explains: SLOWOLF & Kimbra - 'White Feathers' (Video)

Who:  SLOWOLF is a DJ, jazz drummer & producer hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Kimbra is a New Zealand born musician.

About The Track:  Released 8 April 2016, 'White Feather's' features SLOWOLF’s signature genre bending production, blending futuristic Hip-Hop, alternative jazz and R&B influences and Kimbra's powerhouse vocals.

SLOWOLF Explains:
"We planned to shoot the video in Bombay Beach, a decayed holiday resort in the desert outside LA. When we arrived out there a Hollywood feature film with James Franco were filming, and since it's a very small area we had to find another place. Kimbra is an amazing live performer, that's why I wanted to do a live session with her. We started looking for other cool locations and found The Zorthian Ranch located up in the hills outside LA at the end of a dust road. As you can see in the video this place is totally its own with all the old cars, rusty old machines and stuff. The song called for a something unique setting and with this location we found what we needed. To preform live we needed power for all the electronic gear so we took a gas generator with us and we were good to go!

We were shooting the live session in colours and when we finished it back in Denmark we played one of the clips in black and white and we loved what we just saw and found out that all the clips were really cool that way.

The song is about hope, trust and standing out for all the good reasons and to me this location really goes hand in hand with that message. The older I get the more fascinated I get by standing out creatively. In my world you need to stand out whether you are a chef, painter, composer etc. and with this song and video I did my best to stand out together with Kimbra and my good friend and director Ian Isak."

Interview feature by Karla Harris


  1. Mmm love those keys in the background, which weave with the vocals so well. This is a tasty track. Thanks for sharing, Ian!


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