Single: Sea Moya - 'Bangalore'

With the blurring of musical lines that exists these days, there was a certain intrigue when settling down to give Sea Moya’s instrumental track ‘Bangalore’ a spin. Combining afrobeat, electronica, indie and even a trip to India as their influences, the Cologne/Mannheim 3-piece seem intent on channelling their numerous and varied musical interests to conjure up their own unique sounds.

‘Bangalore’ is a a glorious example of understated, hypnotic electronica, with the synths and drum elements combining to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Melody and beats intersperse cleverly, with the opening bars soon drifting along on its head-nodding inducing vibe with little fuss. Although the track flips between moments of achingly cool, minimalistic dance vibes and Lemon Jelly-esque breakdowns, the sequences provide a quite lovely listen. One imagines their excursion to India played a big part in the overall feel of the aptly-titled track. Indeed, it’s worth a nod to the production also, which holds everything together and shows the trip taken part-way through recording focused, and not stifled, the creative efforts*.

“Bangalore’ is taken from Sea Moya’s upcoming ‘Baltic States’ EP, which will be released in June 2016 via Heist or Hit. On this evidence, WTHBlows will be all over it.

*Note to self: ask the WTHBlows Editor for an all-expenses-paid trip abroad to help my review-writing process...

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