Single - Owen Rabbit - 'Weeds'

In the latter half of last year, I was fortunate enough to be given a track to listen to by Melbourne multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and producer, Owen Rabbit. That particular track ('Holy Holy') was a little gem and I have been keenly keeping an eye focussed on his direction (think Eye of Sauron) for the past 6 months or so. Another single ('Denny's') followed and the latest release, 'Weeds' has happily fallen into my lap.

Owen's penchant for experimentation is still wonderfully evident. There were parts of the track that I simply wondered 'what the hell is that noise?' and it turns out that some are made quite literally from rubbish, others from toys. Brilliant. Music, it is said, has boundaries, perhaps defined by genre. I like to believe it has none - music should evolve, be malleable and never, ever conform. Owen ensures that with his music, this is the case. Not only is he willing to introduce something out of the ordinary (I suppose anyone can take a book, for example, flip the pages, record the noise made and say 'hey presto! experimental tune ahoy!') but he crafts said out of the ordinary so it seamlessly fits into the record. That is a skill, ladies and gentlemen.

The tune is a wonderfully warm slice of electronica that explodes after about 100 seconds into almost a raucous anthem - I can only imagine Mr Rabbit needed some Strepsils to help soothe his throat after shredding his vocal chords during the track's decision to change direction. To me, this is what makes Owen's music so exciting - you don't know what is going to come next. You listen to the track over and over and discover new things about it each time. Go listen to the track and see what I mean - yes, even if you are not a fan of electronic music.

Mesmerising, unashamedly different and content to do whatever the fuck he wants: Owen Rabbit, I salute you.

Words of Dave Nelson