Single: Lisbon - 'Shark'

Photo credit: Jonathan Varty

Not long ago Lisbon brought us 'Vice'and in turn made it clear that they are a band who are not afraid to change gears and draw from a variety of influences. Where 'Vice' saw the band fuelled by a smooth funk-infused percussive-strong sound, things have taken a more serious turn sonically and thematically with their new offering 'Shark'.

Picking up a more immediate pace, Lisbon inject an imminent sense of peril into their reverb drenched intro. As sneering, hungry guitar lines circle grave drum rhythms and percussion lightly darts in and out of the soundscape,  Lisbon have taken on a darker persona to depict the cut throat nature of the music industry. It's not all doom and gloom though, just past the mid way mark, Lisbon embrace warmer arrangements that skitter like a celebratory school of fish who have just narrowly averted danger, before Lisbon heighten the intensity again with tension building arrangements and a vocal sample cut from Jaws, explosively bringing back the threat.

'Shark' embraces a theatrical side to Lisbon where they call upon suspenseful intstrumentation and sampling to bring the track to dramatic, climactic heights. All the while holding firm to that anthemic, indie kick that people love so much in the first place.

Words of Karla Harris

Lisbon’s 'Shark' is produced by Dan Austin (Doves, Pixies) and will be released via Think Tank? Records on 27th May.