Single: HAWK - 'The Hunt'

Much like the Sirens of Greek mythology, HAWK are beautiful yet dangerous creatures who lure their listener in under the guise of enchanting melodies and vocals. Also like the Sirens of Greek mythology, HAWK can become  volatile causing shipwrecks off the back of their choppy, jagged arrangements and haunting harmonies.

Take  'One Told'  for example, the first track taken from the band's current self-titled EP where the track becomes the calm before the storm and then the storm itself, eerily lulling in its verses before throwing its listener into a thunderstorm of unease and instability. Sublimely falling back into calm before Julie Hawk's lightning strike vocals and spiraling instrumentation hit again. 'Once Told' stuns and scintillates,  but serves a different, important purpose to 'The Hunt' and leave its listener struggling  to sing along.

HAWK have taken a gentler direction with 'The Hunt'  where they shine a spotlight on their earlier, folkier roots interweaving among darker layers of production. Yes, the band have carried over the haunting aspects of  'Once Told' but this comes in the form of poignancy rather than provocation. This is a beautiful offering with a delightful pop chorus so delicately ensnaring, Julie Hawk's abstract, celestial vocals become attainable, grounded and engage on a basic human level.

Words of Karla Harris

HAWK collaborated with producer Dimitri Tikovoi (Horrors, Placebo) on 'The Hunt' with the track mixed by Catherine Marks best known for her previous work with Wolf Alice and Howling Bells.

'The Hunt' and their self-titled EP HAWK was released on April 15th 2016 via Veta Records.