Single: GIUNGLA - 'Wrong'

Photo by Stefano Masselli

There's no messing around with GIUNGLA and her debut EP  'Camo' is a testament to this. Her sonic approach has been bold, brave and at times, testing, as GIUNGLA coaxes her listener out of their comfort zone and into the greyer areas of the musical spectrum.

'Wrong' is the last track to be cut from the EP and is a thrashing, pulse-pounding gallop into the warped and chaotic. With a sonic structure as stifling and simmering as the lyrical themes, 'Wrong' calls out  to a judgemental  know-it-all. As the beat throbs around GIUNGLA's impassive, encthralling, vocals, GIUNGLA lays down a repeated lesson in humility with the words we have all spoken or wished to speak to at least one person in our own lives; "even you, sometimes you're wrong".

Words of Karla Harris

'Wrong' is cut from  GIUNGLA's debut EP  'Camo', out now via Italian indie vinyl imprint Factory Flaws.