Single: Ben Hobbs - 'Here's Where The Story Ends'

In 1990 English alternative rock band The Sundays took the world by storm with  'Here's Where The Story Ends', a track that topped the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart, but was never actually released as a single here in the UK due to the collapse of indie label Rough Trade Records.

Being only one years old at the time, understandably, I don't really have much of a recollection of potentially the first time I heard the original song. But surprisingly, my spotty adult mind does remember with fond nostalgia when Tin Tin Out and Shelley Nelson brought out their cover in 1998 where they focused on a warm percussive approach with sweet vocals to set a similar upbeat mood as the original.

In Ben Hobbs cover, he has cut through a lot of the cheer and matched the tone of the song to the downtrodden lyrics, without adding a contrasting mood in the arrangements like seen in the original and the Tin Tin Out cover I just mentioned.

But what's great here is that Ben plays with melancholy and heightens the feeling of the lyrical persona being haunted by memories and emotion by incorporating haunting qualities into the soundscape. What's more, he does this without making the track feel cold and disconnected and that's a credit to the distinctive darker aspects of production that are buried among layers of warmth and richness and a common thread throughout the EP.

Words of Karla Harris

'Here's Where The Story Ends' is the last track to be cut from Ben Hobb's debut EP 'Sweet Enough', which was released Friday, May 6th. It follows on from previous singles 'Cold Sweat', 'Wishful Thinking' and 'Sweet Enough'

'Sweet Enough' EP is available for digital download HERE.