Single: Amaroun - 'The Fear'

With this reviewer still reeling from Liverpool’s crushing Europa League final capitulation, something akin to a huge musical pick-me-up is urgently required. Taking in the minimal, slow tempo intro and mournful ‘lost in sorrow for a long time…” refrain, this is already not going to plan (much like last night’s  -18th may- game). Still, with music now streets ahead in my admittedly pointless ‘music vs football’ debate, we’ll press on (unlike Liverpool’s midfield last night… oh you get the picture..).

WTHBlows has been keeping tabs on Amaroun since reviewing the quite lovely debut alt-folk single ‘Bedbugs’. ‘Fear’ is a slight departure from her previous acoustic offering, instead providing a chilled-out, minimalistic electro-ballad underpinned by light guitar strumming and gentle, simplistic beats. Although initially almost painfully downbeat, the dreamy opening leads gracefully into a chorus hinting at positive steps to “push through the fear”, gliding along quite beautifully.

A theme of Amaroun's music is an understanding of the effectiveness of restrain, crafting perfect pop nuggets that softly work their way under the skin rather than overpowering in their delivery. One imagines ‘Fear’ as an effective album closer, leading the listener to a satisfying, blissed-out ending. Indeed the closing bars emphasise some of the musical layers at play, acting as a reminder of more going under the wonderful vocal delivery.

So, in summary, ‘Fear’ is a worthy follow-up to ‘Bedbugs’, further showcasing the talent on offer and helping to alleviate a listener’s woes. Which is frankly much appreciated given my current fragile temperament. The watching brief of Amaroun’s musical output will certainly continue, adding to the eager anticipation of this year’s EP release.

Words of DS_Convertible

'Fear' is released on 27th May and will be available on Spotify and iTunes.