Q&A: An interview with: Glass Peaks

Kent-based melancholic alt-pop quartet Glass Peaks have been keeping it relatively low key since they introduced themselves via A Music Blog, Yeah? with an exclusive video premiere of a stripped down version of their song 'Golden' back in Feb.
So, we thought it necessary to shoot some questions over to the band (Lewis (vocals, guitar, synths), Jake (guitar)  Grant (drums) and Alfie (bass)) ahead of their London debut gig at The Old Blue Last this Friday (6th May).

Hi guys. You've got some big headline shows lined up this month. What can we do to check out your music ahead of them?
We just recorded our debut single, 'Your Eyes', with Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino, Gallows, Mallory Knox, Get Inuit, Fish Tank, SKIES) which will be released in early July. You can check out snippets of our sound on some videos circulating on our socials.

Lewis, Jake and Grant formed Glass Peaks. Give us an introduction to Alfie and how he became a part of the band?
Jake worked with Alf a while back and knew he was thinking about joining another band. He saw that we were looking for a bassist and enquired. We invited him to a rehearsal and the rest is history.

Imagine you're playing a fantasy festival and you can pick 5 other bands/artists (past or present) to play with you. Who would you pick?
The Smiths,
Foo Fighters
B.B King,
...and obviously Skepta. Imagine that line-up.

If each of you were a fictional character, who would you all be and why?
Lew - Patrick Bateman (Hero)
Grant - C3-PO (because he's the original wingman),
Jake - R2-D2 (because he was the original lad),
Alf - Bernard from Bernard's watch (I think you have to be a moron to not want to be able to stop time).

Imagine you could put together a five a side football team of musicians (past or present), who would you pick, where would they play, and why?
Serge from Kasabian (that Soccer Aid goal tho), Bob Marley (because we think he'll be alright high up the pitch), the drummer from Def Leppard in goal, Azealia Banks for the 212 formation and obviously Stevie because he's got an amazing vision and will do Wonders on the ball.

Which meal would you compare your style of music to?
Alf: "once I went (drunkenly) to a subway and spent £23.75 on a sub with all of the meat. We are that sub.

And lastly, what are Glass Peaks plans as a band for the rest of the year?
Eat more subs, play football with our aforementioned dream squad, festivals and shows and just continue to do all the things we love.

Interview questions by Dan Somogyi and Karla Harris