Our Top Picks for This Must Be The Place festival

Leeds is known for being a small but compact city, while also being famous for it's thriving music scene with their being no shortage of venues putting on gigs. So it is an ideal location for a multi-venue event such as This Must Be The Place. Taking place at Belgrave Music Hall, Headrow House, and Live Art Bistro, which promotes itself as an event that brings together everything, music, food, art and a general creative friendly environment. With beer, world food, bands on all day and art on display from a number of artists, This Must Be The Place offers something different compared to the overwhelming supply of festivals on offer this summer.

With an insanely strong line up with headliners such as Tom Vek and The Wytches, we at When The Horn Blows decided to give you our top picks for the festival.


Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman make up this energetic two piece that they called Diet Cig, playing extremely infectious pop songs that get more and more addictive the more you listen to them. They describe themselves as two homies but there is a sense of 'do-what-you-want-however-you-want' attitude to them, which is what everyone is clearly falling in love with. The band live are like a yo-yo, Alex is up down up down, jumping about taking up every part of the stage while Noah holds fort behind his drum kit. Having sold out three London shows in a row this January, they tick every box for me for this event.


This all girl London four piece are making the trek up to Leeds for this event, thriving from the DIY scene in the Capitol, it is great to see them on such a strong line up. Sounding like sixties all girl pop groups being covered by the Distillers, a clean but raspy take on the world. A certain reason to get down early and get the beer flowing.


Julien Baker's voice is beyond beautiful, like words cannot describe her. As a member of the band Forrister, sometimes it can be hard for an artist to break away from that fortress, but her album 'Sprained Ankle' shows she can clearly hold herself. With tracks like 'Something', and 'Rejoice' that just break your heart, as it is the most honest record I've hear in a few years. Well worthy making the journey over to Headrow House for her early evening set.

Fresh from their Great Escape adventure, which involved getting electrocuted might I add, the Toronto based band come at you with a wall of grunge and guitar pedals. I sadly missed both their sets at Great Escape, but everyone I asked was like “Did you catch Dilly Dally?”, like this hidden folk-lore gem of the whole weekend. Taking on influences such as The Pixies, Kurt Cobain and scrawling lyrics, these are the must see for the whole day, Katie Monks vocals scream at you like an in-tune pack of cigarettes, while Liz Ball's guitar fills you like a warm fuzzy Sonic Youth. Thrashing about on the festival scene this summer, Leeds you better be ready for them!

Words & Thoughts of Ant Adams

This Must Be The Place is on Monday 30th May 2016, get tickets now before they sell out!