Free Download: The Van T's - '35mm'

It’s perhaps slightly depressing when you realise that a genre of music you listened to twenty years ago is now being re-packaged by a new generation of bands. Getting old, you say? As if to rub (Veruca) salt in the wounds, The Van T’s new EP is entitled ‘A Coming of Age’, adding a further harsh reminder that their music journey is still in its relative inception.

‘35mm’ represents an upgrade in terms of punch compared to last year’s ‘Laguna Babe’ EP. Reeking of early 90’s grunge, the track is a riotous exercise in melodic, scuzz-laden pop-rock. Guitars squeal from the outset, matched perfectly with catchy female vocals, neat guitar lead and pounding drums. Verse melts effortlessly into an earworm of a chorus, indicating an impressive song-writing knack. Indeed, the track benefits from not letting up in terms of volume and velocity, with subtlety left firmly at the door. The production is a blend of raw yet layered sounds, adding further endearing charm and capturing everything you’d want from an exciting 4-minute blast of alt-rock adolescence.

Echoing the chorus of ‘35mm’, it's certainly nice to meet this little gem of a track. ‘A Coming Of Age’ is released on 10th June 2016 via Bloc+Music. One to shake off the cobwebs, it’s certainly worth a blast.

Words of DS_Convertible