Free Download: Peyote Coyote - 'Follow Through'

There are times when you glance upon a band's name and you consciously decide what they'll sound like. Coldplay are probably the best example of this; I depicted a drab street with tumble weed making banal small talk to some poor elderly type and I was absolutely spot on. Peyote Coyote are the buccaneering delinquents you'd hope they are. They're a 3 piece hailing from Florida but in single 'Follow Through' have created a musical density that betrays their numbers. Given their name and brand of music, it'd be easy to sling them into the 'psychedelic indie' sack but I think that's painfully lazy and doesn't quite tell the whole story.

I'd say the song is quite 'summery' if anything, certainly in its initial sound. The bass line is very catchy and works well alongside the guitar as it ranges from chords to riffs during the verse; nothing really beyond rudimentary in a technical sense but it sounds upbeat and made my foot tap my crumb-ridden MDF ferociously enough. If you're in the comparison game, you'd be thrilled to here that I think Ty Segall is probably the closest artist to them. Vintage structure without being overtly convoluted whilst retaining a fresh charm. Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Huseman stays in key well and doesn't try to 'oversing', which is something that spoils a lot of songs. You don't need to have a traditionally exceptional voice to be a good vocalist, it's more about using the voice you have to craft around the music you're making.

'Follow Through' is no thrills but faultless all the same. It doesn't parade with brooding authority or give you a 4 minute guitar solo that could probably get someone pregnant, but it is a fun tune that'd compliment a drive to a festival that's promising to be sunny all weekend.

Single review by Jake Collins