Free Download: Handsome Ghost - 'Graduate' (Single)

The American High School experience is something that has been romanticised, iconised and portrayed with angst throughout TV, film and even music in such an immediate and intimate way, even us folks in the UK feel a familiarity and a fondness for a schooling experience far removed from the comparable drabness and rigidity of our own.

'Graduate' is taken from Handsome Ghost's forthcoming album and is a dreamy slice of effervescent synthpop with a swelling bassline and claws deep hooks we're not in a hurry to shake off.  Although sonically quite light, 'Graduate' has a brooding quality lyrically. As it nostalgically nods upon the past, it also looks forward celebrating the passage of time, letting go and starting over. This in turn extends the idea of graduation to overcoming life's hurdles in general - something we can all relate to.

Words of Karla Harris

'Graduate' is currently available for free download via the band's soundcloud page.